‘MAKE THE FUTURE’, Futurelab

‘Make the Future’ looks at ideas drawn in the main from research commissioned under the Beyond Current Horizons programme, which considers the future of education in the light of social and technological change over the next two decades. The video aims to inspire education leaders to think differently about the future of education and to consider the challenges and possibilities for 21st century schools.

The process for this started with a script I received from FutureLab via my colleague Andy Potts. I loved its wide open thoughts on the future of education. Teaming up with artist and frequent collaborator John Slade, we first recommended a couple of script amends to tighten the runtime some. Our approach then was to hopefully engage people with that script, through a mixture of ‘kinetic’ type and clean graphic references. Style-frames, a motion test and storyboards followed.

IdN were keen to feature this in their awesome Typography issue (v16n3), but unfortunately the music couldn’t be licensed for the DVD in time.

FutureLab are an independent educational organisation, who are dedicated to transforming teaching and learning through the use of innovative practice and technology.