Discovery ID, Titles

A title sequence for Raw TV, a BAFTA winning London production company and another cosy collabo with famed Bond jellyfish fluffer Lord Ben Cook @ Radio Design.

Raw needed a 20sec sequence for their new drama documentary series Dangerous Persuasions, commissioned by US channel Investigation Discovery. Dangerous Persuasions tells the true stories of innocent people who have been unsuspectingly manipulated into horrific situations by dark forces, criminal masterminds and sociopathic con men.

We used the theme of shadow puppetry to suggest the presence of an evil puppet master, pulling strings in the background. The idea of an ominous backstage manipulator not only captured the tone of the show but provided a fitting mechanism to display the text cards hanging from the puppeteer’s strings.

I animated the text cards swinging into shot as if strung from above and added some loose threads drifting gently on the breeze.

Dangerous Persuasions is the latest addition to Raw’s array of hit drama documentaries including Paranormal Witness, Locked Up Abroad and Gold Rush. The show is also broadcast on History Channel, titled Brainwashed.