Book Trailer for 1DR & 4th Estate…

Recently finished work on a book trailer for ‘The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden’ by Jonas Jonasson. The crew at One Darnley Road designed some lovely storyboards based on the books key art and left the rest to me… A good read too I’m told. Keep an eye out on the tube for some fun escalator versions of the animation we developed for London Underground too.

‘Just Saying’… Ireland, once removed.

A great short film and even better piece of writing from a somewhat removed Irish perspective. Casting is spot on too.

Brand Reel for SAS London…

Myself and colleague Ben Cook recently animated a couple of lovely brand reels for SAS London.

SAS needed to showcase the new brand and vast breadth of work they had created for the merger of two huge international law firms, Herbert Smith and Freehills.

We worked closely with the crew at SAS firstly to animate an introductory video welcoming HSF’s employees to the new company and secondly a reel for SAS to show off all their hard work! Thanks particularly to Amy and Jamie @ SAS!

It’s Grimm Up North

It's Grimm Up North, Animated Series

I’m currently working with the crew at Hardbody Productions on their new animated, black comedy series ‘It’s Grimm Up North’.

The series set in a fictional northern town with storylines inspired by classic fairy tales, fables and films, is premiering at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.

The first two scenes from episode 1 are here…