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Micro, Book Trailer

Micro, Book Trailer

Agency: One Darnley Road Client: Harper Collins This is a trailer for Michael Crichton’s novel and instant classic, ‘Micro’. One Darnley Road came to me with a script from Harper Collins and a lovely storyboard of all their own making. Here’s how they saw it… “‘Seven Nation Army’ meets Saul Bass on the set of […]

The Harpers, One Darnley Road

The Harpers, One Darnley Road

Agency: One Darnley Road Client: Harper Collins The Harpers is an internal awards ceremony for HarperCollins Publishers, which celebrates exceptional achievements and creativity, and showcases outstanding work. For the second year running One Darnley Road asked me to create the graphics package for the event. I was handed a host of jumbled up cover art […]

Animation for Bupa Well World

Bupa Well World

By 2013, Bupa’s Well World campaign promised to help 60 million more people become healthier and happier, and at the same time, reduce their carbon footprint. Myself and Ben Cook @ Radio Design were commissioned by Green Lions to develop intro and outro animations to bookend their 7 minute film for Bupa, which aimed to raise […]

Title sequence for TV series 'Dangerous Persuasions'

Discovery ID, Titles

A title sequence for Raw TV, a BAFTA winning London production company and another cosy collabo with famed Bond jellyfish fluffer Lord Ben Cook @ Radio Design. Raw needed a 20sec sequence for their new drama documentary series Dangerous Persuasions, commissioned by US channel Investigation Discovery. Dangerous Persuasions tells the true stories of innocent people […]

Tom Waits - ‘Cold Cold Ground'

Tom Waits – ‘Cold Cold Ground’

I’ve been a fan of Tom Waits since age four. It began when, on odd occasions, my father would return home from work with a few close friends. Whether inebriated or not, at some point they would proceed to crank out ‘Heartattack and Vine’ at full tilt and in it’s entirety. The album cover alone […]

'WORMS', The Pogues

‘WORMS’, The Pogues

I made this as a fan of the band, having long-ago earmarked the track for future visual interpretation. The track is also an old nursery rhyme harkening back to younger years. In a historical context, the singer Spider Stacy tells me there are many more verses but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who […]

Cee-Lo Green, Music Promo

Cee-Lo Green, Music Promo

Agency: Action Stations Label: Warner Music I worked on this nice Viral Lyric Promo with Action Stations. It was produced through Warner Music for Cee-Lo Green’s track ‘Bright Lights Bigger City. I styled up most of the neon signature we used in the video and worked with some nice tracking software to get them to […]

‘MAKE THE FUTURE’, Futurelab

‘MAKE THE FUTURE’, Futurelab

‘Make the Future’ looks at ideas drawn in the main from research commissioned under the Beyond Current Horizons programme, which considers the future of education in the light of social and technological change over the next two decades. The video aims to inspire education leaders to think differently about the future of education and to […]

Strategic Fit Promo

Strategic Fit, Company Promo

I teamed up with Skylark Creative again to create this promo for their client Strategic Fit. Strategic Fit are a strategy consulting firm focused on the energy sector. They wanted a promo video that would define their core business offering without being too ‘speak and spell’. We tussled with the script and storyboard on this […]

'Pantheon', Sam Bourne

‘Pantheon’, Sam Bourne

Agency: One Darnley Road Client: Harper Collins This book trailer is for Sam Bourne’s ‘Pantheon’ which the lovely folk at One Darnley Road asked me to put together for their client Harper Collins. I have made a great many of these trailers with 1DR over the last couple of years and I must say they […]

'A Dance with Dragons' Trailer

‘A Dance with Dragons’ Trailer

Agency: One Darnley Road Client: Harper Collins Another fiery book promo for One Darnley Road and their client Harper Collins. 1DR gave me a shield and a script for this one and hurled me into a world of fire and brimstone effects for a couple of days. Fun times! ‘A Dance with Dragons’ is by […]

Empire of Silver, Book Trailer

Empire of Silver, Book Trailer

Agency: One Darnley Road Client: Harper Collins This is a book trailer for One Darnley Road and their client Harper Collins. The 1DR team came to me with a script, some epic key art and an idea about a fluid ink effect that would fill up the opening landscape. To add to the drama we […]

Propeller PR, Company Promo

Propeller PR, Company Promo

I put together this promo with Skylark Creative for their client Propellor PR. Propellor gave us a neat script which we then segmented into a series of visuals cues and metaphors. Skylarks design team styled up a series of key storyboards and then let me go to town on the motion! Agency: Skylark Creative Client: […]